I was born and raised in Kamloops, BC. My father was a professional musician who spent almost a decade in Nashville TN, touring with major label country artists before settling in Kamloops to raise a family.

 My parents put me into music lessons when I was 8. I studied the spinet organ for about 7 years before I decided to take up the guitar. I played the French horn in the school band, and bass guitar in the jazz ensemble.

 I started teaching private music lessons when I was 17, working at a local music store instructing guitar and piano. When I graduated from high school, I spent 4 years performing in several different groups around town, playing keyboards, bass, and guitar. I wrote and recorded my first album at the age of 19.

 In the fall of 2001, I moved to North Vancouver to study music at Capilano University. While there, I focused in jazz performance on the guitar, and spent an extra year of my Diploma taking up secondary studies on bass, piano, and drums.

 In 2004, I moved back to Kamloops to continue teaching as well as performing in various groups throughout the BC Interior. Since then, I’ve been involved with several companies including Western Canada Theatre, BC Living Arts, and the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra. I’ve worked in many recording studios in Kamloops and Vancouver as a session musician, producer, and recording engineer. I’ve travelled from here to Montreal and back, playing music with bands that spread from contemporary jazz, to punk rock, and everything in between. More recently, I was invited to perform in Cambodia on a private island resort, entertaining some of the most paramount audiences in the world.

 I now live in a quiet village tucked in the mountains near beautiful Sun Peaks, BC. I have found an amazing place to raise a family, while I continue to write, record, and perform music in the way that I need to as an artist. Please feel free to contact me for more information, or questions you might have in regards to my music.